Oct 6 nationwide protests

Oct 6 nationwide protests

Just returned from a mararthon four hour planning meeting for the Los Angeles protest on Sunday (1-6 PM at the Federal Bldg in Westwood), part of the nationwide Not In Our Name protests happening that day.

So far we have an amazing, if somewhat still in flux, lineup of 30+ speakers, musicians, spoken word, and more – in addition to the march itself.  Hip hop, folk, Sonali Kolhatkar from KFPK and the Afghanistan Women’s Mission, Tibetan gongs, Blase Bonpane from the Office of the Americas, DJ’s, ministers, and lots more I can’t recall right now now!  A diverse and talented lineup.  Response has been huge, we’ve had to turn away speakers and musicians because we can’t fit everyone in.

People are coming from Orange County, Santa Barbara, and elsewhere, and some are coming via chartered buses.

In other words, turnout looks to be big.

These protests are happening in twenty two cities so far. Among the big cities are San Francisco, Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Seattle, and, of course, the big one, in New York City in Central Park.

Hope you can make it!