Arianna kicks Torch butt

Arianna kicks Torch butt

Sen Robert Torricelli “The Torch” (D-NJ) just quit his bid for reelection amidst major corruption charges. Retired senator Frank Lautenberg is replacing him. 

Whether or not this is legal, no one knows yet.  If this replacement ploy isn’t legal, then Torricelli may resign in a special 30 day window that could allow for a successor to be appointed (not elected). No one knows if this is legal either.  Naturally the Republicans are sending in battalions of lawyers too.

From Arianna Huffington’s latest column

As human beings, our natural instinct is to empathize with those who are at a low point, to extend a hand if they stumble and fall. Only the worst among us — crooked cops, bad guy wrestlers, or Paulie Walnuts — enjoy the idea of kicking a guy when he’s down.

But Robert Torricelli is making it very hard to resist the temptation to kick his butt — even when he’s on all fours. His self-serving, teary-eyed, ‘I’ve-been-done-wrong’ speech announcing the end of his reelection bid was enough to curdle even the sweetest milk of human kindness

“When did we stop believing in and trusting in each other?” asked Torricelli.

In your case, Senator, right around the time you slipped that $8,100 Rolex watch David Chang gave you onto your wrist. 

Being that Torricelli is such a swell guy, he may not give any of his plentiful campaign funds to Lautenberg because of long time bad blood.  This from someone who said he was stepping down to help Democrats win.  Uh huh…

Meanwhile the Republicans are howling about terribly unjust all of this is, when, in fact, they pulled the same sleazy stunt themselves not long ago.

From Daily Kos

The New Jersey Supreme Court allowed the Republicans who then controlled Trenton to reschedule the primary election so that acting Gov. Donald DiFrancesco — plagued by questions about his ethics — could drop out of the race and allow Rep. Robert Franks to take his place.

If the Republicans can get this appealed to Federal Court in time, then we … well, we know what happened last time Federal courts got involved in an election, don’t we?

Is this what our “Democracy” is coming too?  Watching lawyers, judges, and politicians roll in the sewer, each claiming their opponents are the dirty ones?