Maybe college radio will be…

Maybe college radio will be able to stay on the Net

Possible Deal On The Horizon For Webcasters To Stay In Business.

The Devil’s in the Details or the Ongoing Saga of Internet Radio and RIAA.

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“It appears someone has grabbed the webcasters and RIAA representatives by the scruff of the neck, thrown them into a conference room and told them to “negotiate a fair settlement or else.”  Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-WI) who chairs the House Judiciary Committee and sponsored Bill HR5469, has pulled the bill from the voting schedule.

Rumors have it the two groups are finally talking about a deal based on a percentage of webcasters’ revenues vs. the per-play model. If an agreement is reached it will over ride the Library of Congress’ original webcast royality arrangement, which would virtually run out all internet radio stations out of business and straight into bankruptcy. [More as this is developing.] [Mary Wehmeier’s Blog Du Jour]

Doc also provides a pointer to a RAIN press release on the topic. Has the RIAA been willing to sit down and offer actual compromises and actions on their part (not demands) in order to reach an agreement within four days on ANY OTHER ISSUE in recent memory?

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