Something’s happening here…

Something’s happening here…

When the Afghanistan bombing was about to start, a friend and I argued so vehemently about it that our friendship nearly ended.  She was adamant in her defense of Bush.  And yes, I can be a teensy bit partisan myself.

Just called her up, and during the conversation gingerly mentioned I was helping organize the anti-war demonstration on this coming Sunday in L.A., and that her politics might well be different than mine.  She startled me by launching into a rant against Bush, saying how scary things are now.  I was dumbfounded.  And she will be going to her first demonstration ever this Sunday!

My father too.  Same thing.  Supported the Afghanistan bombing, but is uncertain, at best, about Iraq.  When I mentioned the anti-war demonstrations he said “well, just don’t get arrested by Ashcroft”, meaning, of course, by the federal apparatus.

Two people, once Bush supporters, now fearful of what’s happening in the country.  Other people I’ve talked to have said they are afraid of speaking out.  What is it with this climate of fear?  Even Congress seems cowed, although -finally- some Democrats are starting to speak out.

Well, I think the emperor has no clothes. The Bushies have lots of bluster and bully-boy tactics, but their blunders outnumber their wins.  They’re just not particularly competent are they?  Poppy Bush would have made sure he had the UN lined up before he charged ahead.  These bozos charge ahead with little apparent thought or planning.  Now most the world thinks we’re nuts.  Sharp thinking guys…

They do not have the country behind them on Iraq.  Most people oppose an Iraq War.  Something in the country is shifting.  Certainly a huge protest movement is being born.  And even mainstream political people are getting leery of Bush.

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