Stealware: Kazaa et al Stealing…

Stealware: Kazaa et al Stealing Link Commissions.

“We all heard about spyware, well now Kazaa, Morpheus and LimeWire are sneaking a new type of nastiness onto your computer, software that – without you even knowing it – redirects commissions for online purchases you make from other vendors you make back to them. For example, if you buy a CD from an affiliate of, say some charity, the software fools Amazon into crediting the commission to Morpheus, not the charity! The story quotes a LimeWire Developer who admits ‘While I agree that this is really a bit of a scam, it is a way for us to pay salaries while not adversely affecting our users.’ The insidious part is the stealware program remains even if you delete the original P2P software. And you supposedly gave your permission when you clicked through the EULA.” Via [Privacy Digest]

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