I’ve been using the open source Mozilla browser for a few weeks now.  It’s at least the equal of Internet Explorer – but without gaping security holes requiring endless updates.

Open source is software written and supported by an avid community of users.  Generally it is free and cross-platform, which means it can run on multiple operating systems, in this case PC’s, Mac’s, and Sun. 

Open source allows anyone to jump in, create add-ons, contribute ideas, tweak the code, and help make the software better.

There’s an entire community supporting Mozilla now.

MozDev.  Free project hosting for Mozilla projects, over 80 currently in progress.

MozillaZine Online Online zine / newsletter about Mozilla.

O’Reilly Mozilla DevCenter O’Reiily is a book publisher specializing in open source software books.

Phoenix A excellent example of why open source is so cool.  You want to tweak Mozilla to make it better / faster / whatever?  Do it!  Phoenix, just released in a 0.1 version, is a souped-up, faster version of Mozilla, with new and improved features, like better bookmark handling.  I’m using Phoenix, and it’s quite stable (and fast).