London anti-war protest. 150,000-400,00 people…

London anti-war protest. 150,000-400,00 people show up!

Organizers were hoping for 100,000 people.  This turnout is way better than anyone dared hope for.

Tens of thousands of people are taking part in a protest against military action in Iraq which organisers say is one of Europe’s biggest anti-war rallies.

Police say they have so far counted more than 150,000 people and there have been two arrests for minor public order offences.

Mayor Livingstone <of London> told the BBC that he believed more than 400,000 people had taken part in the rally. 

“This is the largest march for peace I have seen in 30 years. This will have an electrifying effect on the Labour Party conference and on those MPs opposed to war.”

Tony Blair better be careful he isn’t out of a job soon.  If he keeps pushing for a war, his government could fall.