Bush calls Saddam ‘the guy who tried to kill my dad’ 

What IS he talking about?  Poppy Bush AKA King George the First, was in the U.S. during the entire Gulf War, and I don’t recall him receiving death threats from Saddam.

However, to further complicate things, it appears there are at least four Saddam’s.

A scientific study of 450 photographs of him <Saddam> has concluded that the Iraqi President has used at least three body doubles to make public appearances on his behalf since 1998.

Addendum. 9/28/02.  From the article, there may have been an attempt on Poppy Bush

In his speech September 12 to the United Nations on Iraq, Bush mentioned the alleged plot to kill a former U.S. president but did not mention that it was his father. The alleged assassination attempt came when former President Bush visited Kuwait during the Clinton administration. The former president had orchestrated the U.S.-led coalition that pushed the Iraqi army from Kuwait in the Persian Gulf War.

However, if Dubya wants to go the war because of an alleged attempt on his father’s life a decade ago, then, well, he’s taking this too personally.  Wars, and the deaths of thousands should not be fought because of a grudge.