Temperature in San Fernando Valley…

Temperature in San Fernando Valley plunges to 102!

Ah yes, this heat wave was supposed to end two-three days ago.  This morning I awoke to find, oh, about half a billion Argentina ants swarming over the cat food.  And I live on the third floor.  That’s a long hike for an ant.  They’ve been driven batty by the heat too.

Ah, but like the t-shirts in Phoenix say, with a skeleton leaning against a cactus with the caption “Phoenix, but it’s a DRY heat”.  Ha…. ha…. ha….

The lying rat bastard weather forecasters who have been wrong wrong wrong lately are predicting 97 degrees Wed,  then a drop to the 80’s later in the week.  Ahem, for their own safety, they better be correct…

I look forward to the El Nino deluges.

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