Santa Monica City Council to…

Santa Monica City Council to vote on homeless policy

Private organizations currently feed many homeless people in Santa Monica, CA, a city long known for helping the homeless and poor.  Now, some residents and businesses are complaining there are too many homeless.

Under pressure from the city’s business community to do something, the Santa Monica City Council plans to vote tonight on two ordinances.

One would seek to limit free outdoor meals by requiring groups serving 150 or more meals to adhere to community event laws and county health standards. Some activists say such a rule would effectively ban the food giveaways.

The other proposal would make it illegal to sit or lie down in downtown doorways.

Note that the City is not paying for the food these organizations are providing.  One organizer said,  “At a time when government resources are stretched to the max, the Santa Monica City Council is contemplating an action that will criminalize private charity and compassion.”

The vote takes place tonight and may come down to the two Greens on the council voting No, and the remaining three members voting Yes.  Council meetings are broadcast locally on KCRW 89.9 starting at 8 PM and should be, uh,” lively and spirited.”