Noelle Bush will be test…

Noelle Bush will be test case

First there was a frantic call to police claiming that the ”princess,” Noelle Bush, had been caught at her drug rehabilitation center with crack cocaine, that she had been caught repeatedly and never punished “because of who she is.”

In an Orlando courtroom, a judge will decide this week whether employees of the drug treatment center will have to testify against Bush and help prosecutors put her in prison on felony charges of possessing crack cocaine

Underlying the case is another simmering question that may never be answered but could haunt the governor as he runs for reelection: Is Noelle Bush enjoying favored treatment? Or, as her lawyer maintains, is she being targeted because she is American “royalty”?

Uh, considering she hasn’t even been arrested yet would tilt me to the “favored treatment” theory.  You suppose this will make her daddy, Gov. Jeb Bush more understanding about addiction and less likely to want to prove how tough he is on crime?

Maybe you really do reap what you sow.  Sow harsh prison terms for small amounts of crack cocaine and reap your daughter going to prison for it.