Arafat’s movement opposes attacks on civilians in Israel

In a three-page letter released Tuesday, Yasser Arafat’s Fatah movement said it opposes and will prevent attacks on civilians in Israel, but suggested it will continue to target Israelis in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Fatah may halt attacks on civilians inside Israel.

The Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO)’s largest faction, Fatah has reportedly issued a statement calling for an immediate halt of retaliatory attacks against Israeli civilians and targets beyond the 1967 border.

Sharon threatens Lebanon with war (same article as above)

Sharon, who led a deadly war against Lebanon in 1982 is threatening of another war against the small Arab state. He warned that diverting water from the Lebanese Hasbani river constitutes grounds for war, Israeli army radio reported.

Hamas vows to continue resistance as Israel intensifies terror

Palestinian jihad movement Hamas today vowed to continue martyrdom operations against Zionists despite a series of savage methods by the Israelis.

“We also warn the occupation authorities that they will pay dearly. Deeds rather than words will confirm our statement, Inshaallah [God-willing],” it said in a statement released today.