Bush’s war plans are a…

Bush’s war plans are a cover-up, Sen. Byrd

Byrd is chair of the powerful Senate Appropriations Committee, and the first major player in Congress to voice serious opposition to Bush.  May the trend continue.

Sen. Robert C. Byrd, D-W.Va., said President Bush’s plans to invade Iraq are a conscious effort to distract public attention from growing problems at home.

“This administration, all of a sudden, wants to go to war with Iraq, Byrd said. The [political] polls are dropping, the domestic situation has problems…. So all of a sudden we have this war talk, war fervor, the bugles of war, drums of war, clouds of war.”

“Don’t tell me that things suddenly went wrong. Back in August, the president had no plans…. Then all of a sudden this country is going to war,” Byrd told the Senate on Friday.

“Are politicians talking about the domestic situation, the stock market, weaknesses in the economy, jobs that are being lost, housing problems? No.”