The Bush Doctrine: All war,…

The Bush Doctrine: All war, all the time

Bush Outlines Doctrine of Striking Foes First, NY Times 

The Bush administration published today its first comprehensive rationale for shifting American military strategy toward pre-emptive action against hostile states and terrorist groups developing weapons of mass destruction. The strategy document also states, for the first time, that the United States will never allow its military supremacy to be challenged the way it was during the cold war

Other media view this more harshly

Bush: how I’ll rule the world  Sydney Morning Herald 

The Bush Administration has spelt out its determination to enforce America’s global domination, insisting it will allow no other power to challenge its military and economic supremacy.

In a 33-page document, published overnight Sydney time, President George Bush says the US will never allow its military might to be challenged the way it was during the Cold War.

It says “the President has no intention of allowing any foreign power to catch up with the huge lead the United States has opened since the fall of the Soviet Union more than a decade ago”.