Why Iraq and why now?

Why Iraq and why now?

Nothing has changed in Iraq since ’91 so why the rush to war?

Absolutely find who did 9/11. But Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11.  No one has presented any information that he has.  Not a shred. 

The “Saddam may have nukes one day” is a giant red herring.  North Korea already has nukes. So does India. Neither are allies. Are we attacking them?  In fact, India is a major sponsor of organized terrorists in another country (the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka), so given Dubya’s lofty rhetoric, why aren’t we teaching India a lesson for Democracy?  A friend answered this by saying “Does India have oil”? and that indeed may be the correct answer.

Is the whole thing an oil grab/ an attempt to win the Nov elections/ because Jesus told me to? Probably all of these partly.  But something else is going on.  Some have suggested we fear the fall of the Saudi monarchy and want to be there to grab the oil when it does fall/we push it.  Others think it’s a chess game against China. Still others think Dubya and the genuine religious extremists around him view this as their personal Christian Duty. Please Jesus, save us from jihads emanating from the White House.

An Iraq war will lead to a hugely destabilized planet, to big chaos in the Middle East, to new terrorists, to the loss of allies we haven’t already lost (the EU is about to launch a huge trade war against the US).

Why do we have to do anything to Iraq now?  What changed?  What’s the rush?

Why Iraq and why now?

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