Jesse Jackson: Bush Wants to…

Jesse Jackson: Bush Wants to ‘Rule the World’

Civil rights leaders, union laborers and peace activists joined Rev. Jesse Jackson in Washington, D.C. Friday as he railed against the Bush administration for wanting to “rule the world,” and former Attorney General Janet Reno for turning a deaf ear to their concerns.

Jackson warned that launching a war against Iraq would “destabilize the Persian Gulf; leave the whole world in danger and invite more violence here into our own country,” and he said any military effort waged against Iraq would be an attempt by the Bush administration to “rule the world.”
Jackson said he found it “ironic,” that in the aftermath of yet another fouled Florida election, Reno had finally come to the realization that voters’ rights needed to be protected.

“When she had the power, she would not protect our votes,” Jackson said. “Now, she needs the power with our votes.” Reno lost a narrow race for Florida’s Democratic gubernatorial nomination Tuesday, but has yet to concede.