Wherefore Art Though, Stable Windows?…

Wherefore Art Though, Stable Windows?

From The Shifted Librarian

Well, the comeback is still a bit of a ways off, thanks to Microsoft. Yesterday morning, as I was catching up on news and preparing to start posting again, I realized that restoring all of the original software that came with my PC meant setting it back to Internet Explorer 5.5, Outlook Express 5, and the first version of Windows ME.

Being a security-conscious kind of gal, I decided to install the newest Windows updates and get IE current in terms of security patches. Big mistake, as each installation froze my PC halfway through until it finally just threw up its proverbial hands in despair and again stopped booting up. *sigh*

So I’ve spent much of yesterday and today restoring all of the original software from the recovery disks yet again and trying to make my PC usable, not to mention stable. So not only have I lost even more blogging time, I’m missing all of the news that’s fit to print.

Thanks, Microsoft! Guess where I want to go today….