Valley & Hollywood secession

Valley & Hollywood secession

Funny thing about secession. Many political groups in the involved areas are taking a neutral stance.  Why?  Because there is no way they can come to consensus on it.  Plus, maybe there’s no way they can even discuss it without ferocious argument.

At a Green Party of LA County Endorsement meeting yesterday we discussed the various propositions and measures on the Nov. ballot and came to easy agreement on everything but, you guessed it, secession.

We did stay civil during our sometimes heated secession discussion.  Plenty of cogent reasons on both sides, yet no one changed anyone else’s views.

Even the San Fernando Valley Greens, who are in the thick of it all, have no endorsement.  It’s just too hot and too divisive for most groups to even attempt consensus on.

I know hardcore Greens who are hardcore on both sides of the issue, as is also true for Republicans, Democrats, Latinos, business groups, Gays, you name it.  Very few political groups aren’t split on secession.