The sky is falling, the…

The sky is falling, the sky is falling

New terror alert grips America!

Islamic extremists ‘ready to hit’ in Europe!

Y’know, terrorists probably WILL hit again.  Welcome to the rest of the world, America.  But just what are we supposed to do with these new dire warnings?  Sorry, but these “Orange alerts” are just silly.  Just, pray tell, what extra precautions need to be taken for an orange alert that aren’t needed for a yellow alert?  Do you know?  Does anyone know?  Do you care?

The whole thing seems just a PR scheme to keep us scared, and thus supporting war.  I mean, we’ve had lots of these alerts haven’t we?  And how … coincidental … that we should be getting a swarm of new alerts just before Bush goes to the UN. 

Not that Bush cares what the UN says.  He’s already said we will go the war regardless of what the UN says. With no justification.  No proof of nukes, no proof of collaboration with Al Quaida, no proof of 9/11 involvement.  Yes, Saddam is a bad man, so are the thugs running Burma – so why  aren’t we invading Burma? 

Well, Citibank and ExxonMobil are doing business in Burma. We certainly can’t invade business partners can we?  The military who run Burma are the biggest exporters of heroin on the planet, but since ExxonMobil is also doing business with them, then Boy Howdy, let’s keep our hands off Burma, and let the invisible hand of Capitalism have free reign!  While we bomb Iraq.  It’s just too hypocritical, cynical, and devoid of any moral authority.

So, the loonies are beating the drums for a war most of the rest of the world thinks is appallingly stupid and recklessly dangerous.  And they will probably have their war too.  Plus much unrest at home.

Gulf military staff moving to Qatar
Core US military command staff responsible for operations in the Gulf and Central Asia will be shifted from their Florida headquarters to Qatar in November – suggesting further preparations by the Pentagon for a possible military assault on Iraq

Annan warns US
UN Secretary General Kofi Annan will warn the United States from the rostrum of the United Nations General Assembly about the dangers of acting alone against Iraq.

Japan needs terrorism proof
Japan would need clear proof that Iraq was supporting terrorism before it could decide, under existing domestic law, to provide support for any U.S. attack, a senior Japanese defense official said yesterday

US war with Iraq is major fear for Asia
A day after the world mourned the victims of last year’s attacks on U.S. cities, Asian commentators said an attack on Iraq would only reinforce the view that the United States is arrogant and disregards world opinion.

Blair recalls MPs over Iraq

Australia to debate action on Iraq

This war hasn’t even started yet and it’s shaking the world…