Beating the drum for war

Beating the drum for war

Currently there’s much apocalyptic news and leaked reports and unnamed insiders telling us how Saddam is a Very Bad Man, how he will have nukes quite possibly by tomorrow morning, and that he unquestionably will use them against us.

Hmmm, well, Scott Ritter, who headed the Iraq inspections says Iraq doesn’t have nuclear capability.  Others have confirmed that they don’t have the missles to deliver them.  And where is the proof that they intend to use them against us?

Well, they’ve promised Big Proof, real soon, as they build a crescendo of blood lust for a war, without or without an ok from the UN or support for other countries.  And they’re focusing entirely on the military aspect – with little, if any, thought given to the geopolitical ramifications of a war.  What will happen to the balance of power in the Middle East and world?  Will invading Iraq create a million new terrorists?  Is the whole thing just a grab for Saudi oil, as a former member of Tony Blair’s cabinet has suggested?

Canada has joined France, Germany, Russia, and China is being skeptical (at best) of an Iraq invasion.  The most of rest of the world views an Iraq invasion as an unprovoked assault by a rogue state – the rogue state being the U.S.  Whatever moral force the U.S. used to enjoy is evaporating fast, as the ideologues in D.C. push for war at any cost and everyone else be damned.

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