Bush to tell UN -…

Bush to tell UN – US will invade Iraq

President Bush plans to tell world leaders at the United Nations next week that unless they take quick, unequivocally strong action to disarm Iraq, the United States will be forced to act on its own, senior administration officials said yesterday.

Forced?  Forced implies coercion.  There is no one forcing the US to invade Iraq.

The president’s Thursday speech will open the door to a possible new round of U.N. inspections of Iraq’s biological, chemical and other forms of weapons.

The dominant view within the administration is that the time for inspections has passed and that ultimately Hussein, who has barred inspectors since 1998, will have to be forcibly deposed. But White House officials have been persuaded that working through the United Nations, for the moment at least, is advisable and may ultimately facilitate military action.

So, Dubya will tell the UN that the US will invade Iraq regardless of what the UN thinks.  However, we want inspections of Iraq, even though we think such inspections are pointless.  Because, these inspections may help us convince you to invade Iraq.  Even though we already told you we will invade anyway.  Plus we leaked news of our plan to the press to make sure you know. 

Uh huh.  Sounds like a winner of a plan to me.  I’m sure Russia, China, France, and Germany will just roll over and agree with you.  Because they sure don’t now.

Hmmm, if we invade another country without ok from the UN, doesn’t that make us one of those “rogue nations” we’re always sactimoniously wagging our finger at?