Russia is making the smart…

Russia is making the smart moves.

Russian Premier Putin is a serious, seasoned player who came up the hard way in the KGB.  When Dubya became President (note I didn’t say “elected”) I thought, Putin will eat him alive.

Putin is out-manuevering Dubya everywhere now.  While the dimbulbs in D.C. alienate everyone in sight, including longtime allies, Putin is positioning Russia as the sane alternative, and making friends.  Our loss is his gain.

The evidence? In the past few days we’ve seen:

Russia opposes Iraq War 
Not only do they oppose it, they will veto an Iraq War plan in the U.N. Security Council, if needed.  Which means Bush will never get U.N. approval for his Iraq adventurism. 

Russia will ratify Kyoto Global Warming Treaty.
A move guaranteed to make them friends worldwide and put them in a favorable light compared to the U.S.  Global warming is accepted as fact by virtually every government on the planet except the U.S.

Russia makes trade deal with Iraq
Which just makes them more friends in the Mideast while tweaking Dubya’s nose.

One wonders if the right wing zealots in Washington even realize that Putin is dancing circles around them.  But that’s what happens when ideologue amateurs go up against seasoned pros.  And under all the macho bluster, Bush and team are simply loudmouths who are playing in a game way out of their league.