UK Saudi Envoy Says Bush…

UK Saudi Envoy Says Bush Is ‘Obsessed’ with Iraq

Any U.S. war against Baghdad would come from a nation hungry for revenge led by a president “obsessed” with Iraq and is bound to end in tragedy, Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to London said Thursday.

“I don’t know what is going to happen next, but I know that (President Bush) is going to hit Iraq, and it is going to end up a tragedy,” the ambassador said

“The feeling in the Middle East is so overboiling that I hate to think what is going to happen. We will do our best to keep the oil price steady. If it wasn’t for Saudi Arabia, oil would probably be double its price now.”

The ambassador said that since the attacks on September 11 last year, the United States had been “gripped by mass hysteria.”

“They are just stunned, and looking left and right for revenge,” he said. “What is the rational explanation for hitting Iraq? I don’t understand it. Nobody understands it. I think Bush is obsessed with hitting Iraq.”