Q. How to create a…

Q. How to create a million new terrorists?

A.  Bomb Iraq.

(above from an upcoming ad in the L.A. Times)

The opposition to an Iraq War is large and growing fast.I doubt the Bush Administration has 50% support here in the States for a war if war meant dead Americans and was done without international support. They have no support anyplace else on the planet – except Tony Blair of England – and his country is not with him. No other world leader supports the war. Not one.

Bush, through his loud-mouthed obnoxious blustering, has trapped himself.  He should back down quietly, but can’t.  Or won’t.  A tragic case of testoserone poisoning mixed with religious fundamentalism.  Unfortunately, many may die because of it.

There will unquestionably be huge anti-war protests soon here in the US.  As one who was active in the anti-Vietman war protests, it is clear that we have vastly more support against this war than we did in the early days of the Vietnam war.  Vastly more.  And it’s growing.