Bill Simon screws up again!…

Bill Simon screws up again! (This is news?)

Watching Bill Simon fumble clumsily through his “campaign” has become, for political junkies, something like the movie “Dumb and Dumber”.  You just can’t quite believe anyone could be that stupid, but then they do something even dumber.

Under pressure from conservative supporters, Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Simon Jr. on Tuesday disavowed his campaign’s response to a gay rights questionnaire, saying someone signed his name on it without his approval. <uh huh, SURE, we believe you, Bill…>

After Simon’s answers were publicized a week ago, he twice discussed gay rights with the news media without disavowing his response to the questionnaire.

Bill Simon was booted from a planned fund-raiser with Dick Cheney’s gay daughter yesterday after he repudiated his statements to a gay Republican group and reneged on his promise to declare a Gay Pride Day.