Addicted to War [1] explains…

Addicted to War, by Joel AndreasAddicted to War explains clearly, in comic book format, why the U.S. persists in having war after war after war.  From “Manifest Destiny” to Iraq, The Sequel.  A pretty picture it ain’t, but it’s done with humor, and with meticulous documentation. 

It explores the same areas as Chomsky and Howard Zinn, but is a quick read and easy to understand. 

All the quotes are real.  Sample, Ambassador W.H. Page in 1917 said we should declare war on Germany because it was “the only way of maintaining our present pre-eminent trade status”.   I mean, you just can’t make this stuff up!

The book was originally published in ’93 in the Gulf War era, sold 7,000 copies, then disappeared until a year ago when activist Frank Dorrel found a copy, tracked down the author, and raised the money for a re-printing.  It looks like the first run of 20,000 will sell out quickly.  64 pages, price is a low $8.  Bulk rates are even less.