EU caves in to US…

EU caves in to US over green pact
Sigh, the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) rolled over and said tickle my tummy to oil and corporate interests.  Now, you might think with “Sustainable” in their name, they might tilt in favor of renewable energy, but, silly you, they favor oil.

EU negotiators were accused yesterday of capitulating to the United States over renewable energy as governments reached agreement on the wording of the concluding document of the earth summit.
Environmental and development groups were furious that what seemed an imminent deal to set firm targets and a timetable to encourage the spread of wind, solar and other renewable energies in developing countries suddenly was watered down in favour of fossil fuel energies.

Daily Summit thinks the vote was due to lobbying by oil companies and oil producing counties, plus the EU trading their vote for a US vote on sanitation. 

Whatever the machinations, renewable energy got dumped in favor of oil.  This is not progress.

Y’know, I’d hoped the WSSD would accomplish something substantial, and not get jacked by corporate interests.  Silly me.