Real Hip Hop

Real Hip Hop


Unfortunately, despite all our hip talk and politikin’, to borrow from the Last Poets, “Nigga’s Are Still Scared of Revolution” in 2002.  This is especially evident in the world of Hip Hop, where the self proclaimed “Thug Niggas'” despite all of their screaming and shoutin’ over a hot track about how bad they are, never use that anger to fight against the oppression of Afrikan people.

Even when they do address issues pertinent to the state of Black America, their rhetoric is markedly different than when they are getting’ at a brotha for dissin’ them on a CD.  While they may scream and shout at the top of their lungs about their beef with another brotha, when facing “the man” they can only whisper a prepared statement that has been proofread and approved by their record label’s public relations department . . .

Although, they appear to be on opposite ends of the spectrum, the white power structure and the Thugs actually have a love/hate relationship and while on the surface they appear to be in opposition, they are really interdependent.  The white power structure needs the Thugs to use as poster children for the justification of things like the prison industrial complex , discrimination and police brutality and the Thugs need the white power structure to supply them with the cash to get their Bentley’s detailed.

Contrary to popular belief, white America’s biggest fear is not a gangsta, but an educated Black man with his priorities in order . . .

The problem that we are facing today is that everyone is waiting for something .  The church folks are waiting to die and go to heaven, the conscious brotha’s and sista’s are waiting on the revolution and the Hip Hop heads are waiting for the second coming of Biggie.  So many of us spend our lives in a conscious coma, fully aware of what is going on but powerless to lift a finger to stop it.  via ProRev