Halliburton’s recent financial disclosure [1]…

Halliburton’s recent financial disclosure has some interesting info

Its subsidiaries alone take up pages — the co. is in over 140 nations…almost as many as at the Earth Summit II! The report states that its finances have been hurt by the prolonged US “recession,” the 9/11 attacks which hurt its airline gas/oil business, the numerous legal suits against the company for its abstestos-related building and contracting (which it says is unfair and is lobbying congress to prevent), and its long-term investments in deep-water drilling (especially in West Africa and South America). Plusses have come from the military contracts in Kosovo and now war-on-terror business. Also, domestic oil/gas drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and Texas have been delivering unexpected volume.

Also, L. Eagleburger is one of the Directors of the Board — something, concerning the military-mindedness of this transnational, that doesn’t shock me but did come as a surprise…move gov’t implosions into big-time corporate power. [
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