Police in Delaware possess psychic…

Police in Delaware possess psychic powers!

It’s true!  Police in Delaware apparently have psychic powers and can tell when someone will commit a crime in the future, even if they have no record now!  Amazing!  So, of course, they need to document all future criminals now.

Controversial Police Database Lists ‘Future Criminals’. Names, Addresses Of Potential Suspects Listed

WILMINGTON, Del. — Defense lawyers and the ACLU are up in arms over a police file of potential criminals in Delaware.  The database contains a list of people who police believe are likely to break the law. It features names, addresses and photographs of potential suspects — many of whom have clean slates.

And hold on for this stunning fact…

Since the system was introduced in Wilmington in June, most of the 200 people included in the file have been minorities from poor, high-crime neighborhoods. 

Via [Privacy Digest]