Aren’t you a little OLD…

Aren’t you a little OLD for testosterone poisoning?

Dick Cheney foams at the mouth today about why we need to go stomp those Iraqis into the ground RIGHT NOW.

The alternative to a pre-emptive attack on Iraq is to let Saddam Hussein get stronger and stronger until he is bold enough to act, warned Vice President Dick Cheney on Monday.  <Rumors that Mr. Cheney reported seeing Communists under the bed remain unconfirmed>

“The imminence of proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, the huge dangers it involves, the rejection of a viable inspection system and the demonstrated hostility of Saddam Hussein combine to produce an imperative for pre-emptive action,” Cheney told a national convention of the Veterans of Foreign Wars in Nashville, Tenn. <Uh, then why aren’t we targetting China or North Korea or India or Russia, all of whom, at times, have been guilty of the terrible crime of being hostile towards us>

“This nation will not live at the mercy of terrorists or terrorist regimes,” he added.  <So, all manly men must go now and stomp the Iraqi peril.  And here I thought only teeenage boys suffered from testosterone poisoning>