The above is


The above is
a) the former headquarters of a failed dot com
b) an art museum in Milan, Italy.
c) the new 200 million dollar cathedral in Los Angeles

If you guessed c), you are correct!  It is indeed the new 200 million dollar cathedral in Los Angeles

The architecture of this 200 million dollar cathedral
a) Fills me with religious rapture. 
b) Does absolutely nothing religious to me.
c) Cathedral?  Are you sure this is a cathedral?
d) Why do you keep saying it cost 200 million dollars?

The 200 million dollars spent to build this cathedral
a) Was money well-spent!
b) Should have been spent to help the poor like the Cardinal tells us we should do.
c) Was money the archdiocese wishes it had today to pay for the pedo-priest lawsuits.
d) Anyone who answers b) or c) is a Godless malcontent Leftie.
e) Cathedral?  Are you sure this is a cathedral?