Did Saudis pay bin Laden…

Did Saudis pay bin Laden to stay away?

The media and talk shows are hot with news that the Saudi royal family paid bin Laden $300 million to not attack them or their country.

The Sunday Times said the accusation was contained in papers filed in a $3 trillion lawsuit in the United States, based on investigations by lawyers for the victims of the September 11 attacks.

I just watched Geraldo Rivera interview three talking heads and they all agreed this report was absolutely true, and was just one more fine reason to go stomp Iraq.  Huh?  The news report say the accusation was based on investigations by the plantiffs lawyers, hardly an unbiased source of info.  And no news report has provided any further detail about the accusations.  Yet the talking heads immediately assumed it was true.

And it might BE true, however it sure sounds like disinformation to me.