Your tax dollars at work:…

Your tax dollars at work: Rigged war games

The biggest war game in the history of the United States, staged this month at a cost of $US253 million with 13,000 troops, was rigged to ensure that the Americans beat their “Middle Eastern” adversaries, says a leading participant.

General Paul Van Riper, a retired marine lieutenant-general, told the Army Times that the sprawling three-week millennium challenge exercises, were “almost entirely scripted to ensure a win”.

He protested by quitting his role as commander of enemy forces, and warning that the Pentagon might wrongly conclude that its experimental tactics were working.

Note that this criticism comes from inside the military, not from outside it.  Also, parenthetically, this news item comes from the amazing Sydney Morning Herald, whose international coverage equals that of the Guardian UK.  I frequently find important news about the US on these sites first.  Seriously.