The emperor has no clothes

The emperor has no clothes

The Bush Administration huffs and puffs a lot, threatening to blow the evil-doers houses down.  Lots of macho-strutting and big threats, but really, what have they actually accomplished?  Yes, they bombed Afghanistan back to the, uh, stone age most of the country was already in.  How impressive.

Bin Laden hasn’t been caught, no terrorist networks have been smashed.  The only thing they’ve done is alienate our allies.  Iraq?  They’ve sent up so many conflicting trial balloons on this that I doubt they have an actual plan.  But, caught in a bad case of testosterone poisoning, they no doubt feel they must invade because to do otherwise would be to back down and lose face.

Of course, if they weren’t such ignorant provincials, they wouldn’t have found themselves in this situation in the first place.

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