Queers occupy Berkeley Starbucks!

Queers occupy Berkeley Starbucks!

About 25 queer settlers descended on a downtown Berkeley Starbucks on Saturday, August 17, claiming Berkeley as “a city without people for people without a city.” The group, organized by Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism (QUIT!), posted a banner proclaiming the reclaimed café “Queerkeley – A Prophecy Fulfilled.”

The group selected Starbucks for the location of their first settlement in Berkeley because Starbucks founder and CEO, Howard Shultz, is a major supporter of the Israeli state and the corporation has become the prime target of an international boycott of corporations with ties to Israel. “Since Mr. Shultz clearly believes it is okay for one group of people to grab land belonging to another and say they have a right to it, we figure he won’t mind if we take some of his,” a QUIT leaflet explains.

Several patrons were forcibly ejected from the café by means of SuperSoakers (which were especially popular with a three-year-old settler).

Yet another excellent reason to avoid the over-priced over-roasted fat-laden chocolate milk shakes masquerading as coffee at Starbucks.

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