Floods in Europe point to…

Floods in Europe point to global warming

Ah, to live in countries, unlike this one, where government and media accept global warming is happening, and thus, are planning how to mitigate its’ effects.  Rather than whining short-sightedly how such preparations might cost them money.

Most of what has happened in Europe, Russia, China and South Asia seems to fit the patterns of abnormal weather seen by warning experts as a result of global warming.

The latest report presented by the Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change, a body composed of experts on global warming from various countries, makes this clear.

The amount of rain that falls on the Earth as a whole will increase, the report says, and heavy rains will occur more frequently.

The dangers of rivers overflowing their banks will increase almost all across Europe, the report continues. Abnormal phenomena triggered by global warming, such as floods and drought, it points out, are already on the rise in the temperate and tropical zones of Asia.

Commenting on the floods in Europe, Germany’s environment minister blamed global warming, saying that countries must endeavor to cut greenhouse gas emissions to avoid letting the situation deteriorate further.

No one can say definitely as yet that global warming is the root cause of the extensive flooding. Still, all of us have a strong sense that something is globally wrong with the weather these days