Wayne Kramer

Guitarist for the legendary MC5,
Wayne Kramer, has completed a new CD, out in a few weeks.  Over the past few years he’s done several solo CDs and a collaboration with Brian James of the Damned, Mad for the Racket.   All are excellent.

All these years later and he hasn’t really mellowed much.  This is a good thing.  His guitar work can still can take the top of your head off, his lyrics can be pointed and political.  Best of all, he’s not recyling past glory, instead he’s doing new stuff and taking chances.  This is even better.

For those who may not know, the MC5 were around in the late 60’s – early 70’s and played political Detroit rock and roll with a ferocity not many have equalled. They influenced a lot of punk and metal bands.  Still are, actually.

If you like relevant, hard-edged rock and roll, check out his stuff.   His website calls it “rock and roll for adults”, and that’s exactly what it is.