Venezuela nearing the brink again?

Venezuela nearing the brink again?

After the recent aborted Venezuela coup attempt, investigative reporter Greg Palast said he expected another coup attempt within months, and that this time President Chavez would be killed and the coup would succeed.

The wide streets and white-washed houses in this city’s affluent east end are deceptively calm, with tropical birds and lush mango trees providing a country feel just minutes from the chaotic downtown.
But here in the Sorocaima neighborhood, residents are preparing for the worst: a possibly violent confrontation between the multitudes of poor who support the country’s mercurial president, Hugo Chávez, and his increasingly restive opponents. Taking precautions, the neighborhood’s people have put up razor wire and electrified fences, set up citizen patrols, erected street barricades and purchased arms.

For Venezuela, a Move Revives to Oust Chávez [New York Times: International News]

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