Rumsfeld’s Crazy Foreign Policy Team…

 Rumsfeld’s Crazy Foreign Policy Team

In the January 1975 issue of Commentary, Robert Tucker promoted the radical notion of invading Arab oil fields. It is worth noting that Commentary is a publication of the American Jewish Committee and is edited by Norman Podhoretz, one of the movers and shakers in the neo-conservative movement.

The article was titled “Oil: The Issue of American Intervention”. Last week, a protégé of Richard Perle urged the Pentagon to again consider the military conquest of Gulf oil fields.

The man who made the presentation at the Defense Department was Laurent Murawiecz, a French resident alien and a ‘security analyst’ with the Rand Corp. This ‘Middle East expert’ used to do research for LaRouche, a right wing cult figure who believes the queen of England makes her money in the cocaine trade. When Perle’s ‘expert’ urged the Pentagon to add Saudi Arabia to the axis of evil, he was just dusting off an old racist plot to deprive the Arabs of their oil. The ‘new’ idea was ‘leaked’ to the press to make sure that the Saudis got the essential message to worry less about Iraq or the Palestinians and concentrate on retaining their own vital assets. No one needs to remind them that American bases are already firmly planted in the Kingdom to facilitate such a rapid takeover.  
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