World Summit on Sustainable Development

World Summit on Sustainable Development

Email from David Steven of The Daily Summit:

You might be interested in, a blog we’ve set up to report from the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Joburg next month.  I’ve long been interested in the potential of blogging to open a window onto major events.

We now have the chance to report on what happens when you ask 106 world leaders and 65,000 other delegates to come up with a “blueprint for the 21st century.”

At the moment, the site is mostly a “linker,” tracking preparations for the event and reflecting opinion from across the political spectrum.  We officially launch on 19 August and will be live from Joburg a few days later.

To be honest, we don’t know what will happen then, but the idea is to wander the streets and the corridors, picking up the news and the gossip and post to the site as often as a working internet connection looms into view.

It’ll all be over in the first week in September – so it’ll be great if you can link to the site sometime between now and then. Also, please let me know if you write about the summit in your blog – so we can keep up with the blogosphere’s take on world summitry.

Politics in the Zeros has picked up the news feed from The Daily Summit and will be reporting fully on this important conference.  Yes, through the miracle of XML and Radio UserLand (the software this blog runs under), subscribing to news feeds becomes simple.  Even more to the point, Daily Summit found this blog via Radio UserLand.