Let’s give Dubya a rousing…

Let’s give Dubya a rousing California welcome!
George Bush will be in California the end of August to campaign for Bill Simon.  Wow, two failed businessmen on the podium at the same time!  

Start working on those protest signs now! 

The fund raisers and accompanying demonstrations will be at:

Fri Aug 23
Stockton CA 11:15 am
Private residence?  link

Friday, Aug 23, 5:45 pm
St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort & Spa
Dana Point  link

Sat Aug 24
Regency Club, 8 AM
10900 Wilshire Bl at Westwood Blvd. 
L.A  link

‘Doors will open [for attendees of the fundraiser] at 7:00 am and will be closed at 8:00 am for security purposes,’ according to the invitation, so you may wish to be there early to show your protest signs and give a good yell to the campaign contributors.