Davis shuts out the Greens

Davis shuts out the Greens
Special to The S.F. Examiner, 08/12/02

SUPPOSE I TOLD YOU that there is a candidate for governor of California who had the support of a million California voters, who was a successful businessperson, who was a pioneer in socially responsible investing, a lifelong advocate for working people and a Latino.

Suppose further that this candidate was campaigning full-time, with a statewide party behind him. Suppose he had proposals to improve healthcare without spending more, make solar energy affordable, balance the state budget without cutting vital services and reduce poverty. Would you want to hear his ideas?

Well, the candidate’s name is Peter Miguel Camejo, and he is the Green Party candidate for governor, but you won’t get to hear him. Not if Gray Davis gets his way.

Davis’ campaign staff is lobbying the media not to cover the Camejo campaign. To give just one example, Gary South, Davis’ campaign chief, asked Bill Rosendahl, host of the Los Angeles cable TV show “Week in Review,” not to cover the Camejo campaign. (Rosendahl refused.)

NBC and its subsidiary, Telemundo, are planning a gubernatorial candidate debate. They were ready to invite all three candidates, but a Davis representative made it clear that Davis would pull out if the Green Party candidate was included. NBC capitulated to the threat and agreed to exclude Camejo.  More