Follow the Bush family money…

Follow the Bush family money to Sept 11?
This long, meticulously documented article details Bush family money, Dubya’s tangled financial dealings, and wonders if 9/11 could have been prevented.

There is a thread running through George W. Bush’s biography that connects family to power to wealth. With no assets but his name and connections, Bush became a wealthy man, and a governor, and now a President. Without those connections, he’d be nothing.

Reporters finally are questioning the President’s financial integrity. But there is one big, fat question nobody is asking: Is there a connection between Bush’s financial interests and the September 11 attacks?

Conjecture (choose one):

– He knew there would be terrorist attacks but didn’t imagine they would be as bad as September 11 actually was. His approval numbers at the time were nothing to be proud of; perhaps he thought a small tragedy would work to his advantage.

– In spite of all the warnings, the Bush Administration just wasn’t focused on terrorism and paid no attention.

A great deal has been made of bungling by bureaucrats in the intelligence agencies. Certainly a great deal of old-fashioned incompetence played a part in the tragedy of September 11. But it seems to me that if a directive had come down from the top that intelligence on al Qaeda was to be given top priority … it would have been given top priority.  

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