How Kwasi Setu, DC activist,…

How Kwasi Setu, DC activist, Disappeared for 11 Months
Via DC IndyMedia

Environmental activist Kwasi Setu disappeared last year during a trip to the South. He managed to get word out that he had been kidnapped by sheriffs in Georgia who were holding him in jail without charging him. This is apparently normal treatment of black men by white sheriffs in Georgia, for Kwasi reported that the jail was full of men who had not been charged. They had not seen a magistrate, let alone a lawyer and a judge, and were being held without charge — some for as long as 9 months!

Kwasi eventually managed to be released, only to be recaptured in South Carolina and brought back to Georgia, moved from jail to jail, his supporters unable to keep track of him, before finally being released in July 2002, 11 months after his ordeal began. His crime? Being a free black man in the South. Has slavery ended? I think not. Listen to this interview to get the full details.  Audio interview