*Angelyne to run for proposed…

 Angelyne to run for proposed Hollywood City Council!

If you don’t live in L.A. you probably have no idea who Angelyne is.  Well, she is famous for being famous, for driving pink Corvettes, and for having her photo on billboards for no apparent reason.  We hope this clear things up.  

Now she is providing some badly needed absurdity to the Hollywood / Valley secession movements as
she is running for City Council for the proposed Hollywood City.  

In an interview, she insisted she is serious about making Hollywood better. “I’m Angelyne. I’m the image of Hollywood. I want Hollywood to rise to my occasion,” she said.

She said she had no trouble getting the 20 signatures needed to qualify for the Nov. 5 secession ballot. She stepped onto the sidewalk with her petition and was surrounded by fans eager to sign.

“I’ve never really thought about politics,” she said. “I had an overwhelming request from all sorts of committees and people to run.”  Asked whether Hollywood could use a makeover, the platinum-blond candidate said, “My answer to that is, ‘Duh.’ ”