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Gasbags over Sacramento. CA politicians talk about water, do little

California legislators have had multiple opportunities to create genuine plans for water to help all residents and plan for the future. Instead they have indulged in tedious political infighting. Worse, Sacramento legislators have twice attempted to foist water bonds on the public that were so pork-filled and corrupt that the stench drove everyone including themselves […]

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California Central Valley water cuts will lead to food lines

When there’s not enough water to supply everyone, water cutbacks to farms mean unemployment in agricultural areas of California. Central Valley allotments from the Sacramento Delta to the Central Valley were cut to 20%. This does not meant a 20% cut to 80% of allotment. They are receiving 20% of their total allotment, an 80% cut, this […]

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Jerry Brown about to ignite mother of all California water wars

The Sacramento Delta is ground zero for California water wars. California Gov. Jerry Brown will soon announce plans to build massive tunnels to siphon water away from the Delta and to Central Valley cropland and the ever-thirsty Southland. The tunnels would siphon water using three intakes on the Sacramento River below Freeport, carry it some […]

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San Diego vs. MWD in California mega-water war

San Diego has launched heat-seeking missles at the 800 lb. gorilla of California water, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, claiming it is conspiring to charge San Diego more for water than everyone else. The anomosity here is far more pronounced that in previous water wars. San Diego has a website with hundreds of […]

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Nuclear power proposal in Utah ignites water war

A humongous 3 GW nuclear plant is planned near Green River, Utah. It would use 53,000 acre feet a year of water for cooling. This would put further strain on the Green River, which is a major tributary of the already overused Colorado River. The developers say it will use 1% of Utah’s water and […]

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Water wars spotlight. Nevada didn’t grab enough

Southern Nevada gets almost 90% of its water from the Colorado River. Southern California also gets substantial water from the Colorado, which has the unenviable status of being the most litigated river in the world. The problem for Nevada is that it agreed to a small apportionment of Colorado River water back when their population […]

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Water wars between countries possible, UK Energy Secretary

“Countries have not tended to go to war over water, but I have a fear for the world that climate instability drives political instability The pressure of that makes conflict more likely,” he said. Climate change accelerates the instability as does population growth. One recurring water war is cities vs. agriculture. City dwellers often can’t […]

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California water wars: Imperial Valley water rights

The Imperial Valley gets 20% of *all* the water from the Colorado River – more than Nevada and Colorado combined – and produces substantial amounts of the country’s winter vegetables. If you’re wondering why the Imperial Valley gets so much water from the Colorado, it’s because their claim to the water is so old that […]

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