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Vermont progressives aim to shoot down F-35 stealth bomber

Vermont Democrats remain solid military boondoggle boosters for bomber base in Burlington The latest high-ranking Vermont Democrat to push for prime military pork in her state is Burlington city attorney Eileen Blackwood, who released a slippery legal memo October 17 that is as cleverly political as it is narrowly legal, leading to widespread, obtuse media […]

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Burlington VT city council may block F-35 base from being built

Democratic “leaders” Push For “national scandal” to come to Vermont.  Vermont city to consider protecting neighbors from Air Force F-35 base. With Vermont’s highest elected officials still deep in Defense Dept. denial over the disaster that is the Air Force’s F-35 strike fighter, a local city council threatens to bring some military sanity to Vermont […]

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Vermont F-35 base called political pork for Senator Leahy

What Happens When You Get Too Invested in a Disaster Like the Vermont F-35 Base?  While it’s too soon, perhaps, to say that the over-budget, overdue, and under-performing F-35 joint strike fighter is in a political tailspin, having its biggest Senate booster accused of pushing for political pork at the expense of his poorer constituents […]

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F-35 failures pile up

Grounded yet again by the Pentagon as unsafe to fly, the Air Force’s most expensive warplane, the experimental F-35 nuclear-capable stealth bomber is under increasing attack around the country, but especially in Vermont where citizens trying to protect local health and welfare are taking actions against the Air Force in federal court, in the state […]

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Compensate victims of F-35 Base? Vermont prefers sacrifice zone

Vermont’s highest elected officials continue to promote class warfare in their reflexive support for an  F-35 base for the stealth nuclear-capable strike fighter in the middle of Vermont’s only urban area even though the world’s most expensive weapons system, $396 billion and counting, has been grounded since mid-January because it’s unsafe to fly. Directly challenging the state leadership’s willingness […]

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Vermont F-35 base would be fat target, if democracy worked

The military-industrial complex owns Vermont. The Vermont Congressional delegation and other elected officials still refuse to explain why they support basing the first strike nuclear-capable F-35 in the midst of Vermont’s most populated area even though the Air Force itself says the single engine jet is so loud it will destroy private homes as effectively as if […]

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