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Obama refuses to stop Guantanamo torture, AKA force-feeding

Yasiin Bey (formerly Mos Def) prior to undergoing force-feeding. He ended up screaming for them to stop. Photograph: Ben Ferguson, The Guardian

Yasiin Bey (formerly Mos Def) prior to undergoing force-feeding. He ended up screaming for them to stop. Photograph: Ben Ferguson, The Guardian

Obama has authorized torture in the form of force feeding twice a day at Guantanamo. A judge has said it is a “painful, humiliating and degrading process” and wishes she has the power to stop it. She added the prisoners “set out in great details in (their) papers what appears to be a consensus that forced-feeding of prisoners violates Article 7 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which prohibits torture or cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment.”

The Obama Administration bleats it is trying to save their lives. If so, then treat them as humans, stop the torture which exists there in many forms now, and shut down Gitmo. Oh yes, Obama’s been bleating about shutting down Gitmo for what, six years now, an empty, cynical promise like all his other broken promises.

Mos Def, now know as Yasiin Bey allowed the force-feeding to be done on him.He ended up screaming for them to stop.

We were already oblivious to the cameras. The doctor lubricated the tubing and without warning began feeding it up Bey’s nose. He squirmed and spluttered. A second doctor held Bey’s face in place as he began to yell out. Morrissey adjusted his grip and locked his forearm around Bey’s brow. The fight continued and grew in intensity. Bey freed one arm and writhed so hard the tubes fell out.
By now the doctors were shaking. But there was a job to be done. I pinned down the loose arm so the “detainee” couldn’t interfere with the tubes while Morrissey pushed down on his chest in an attempt to give the doctors some space. They lubricated the tube once more and went in for a second attempt.

“Stop, stop, Asif, please stop!” Bey screamed. In that moment it was clear there was nothing “pretend” about what was happening. We were instantly shocked out of our assigned roles. “I can’t do it, I’m so sorry,” Bey spluttered. “I’m so sorry.”

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It’s official. The US tortures


It wasn’t “enhanced interrogation” that Dubya ordered. It was torture. An independent, nonpartisan committee says ““it is indisputable that the United States engaged in the practice of torture”

If Republican former congressman Asa Hutchinson, recently in the news for spearheading the NRA’s push for more guns in schools, stands up and tells you that the U.S. under Bush conducted torture, not “enhanced interrogations” – well I guess you can take that to the bank.

The torture of course continues. Gitmo has not been closed.We now have a president who orders people killed by drones, saying with fine Orwellian logic that any males thus killed are terrorist until proven otherwise, then watches the whole thing like a video game. You can call this what you want. I call it depravity.

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Obama fires State spokesman for saying torture is torture

From Steve Hynd at Newshoggers

Crowley had called Mannings detention, naked and in solitary confinement, “ridiculous and counterproductive and stupid”. Which it is. It’s also criminal.

I will not be supporting Obama’s re-election bid.


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The US doesn’t torture. We get others to do it for us

Wikileaks: US turned over captives to Iraqi torture squads.

It’s just so much more moral and ethical when someone else attaches the electrodes to genitals. (As well as the extra bonus of all that plausible deniability.)

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Obama backstabs DADT again. Gay marriage too.

And apparently he’s a-ok with torture too, with policies no different from Bush and Ashcroft.

For civil libertarians, President Obama now ranks with one of the worst presidents in our history and virtually indistinguishable in these cases from his predecessor. For all of those Democrats in Congress begging for support, I will simply add that only a handful of these members publicly denounced the President for these actions and policies. Even with these appeals, there has been virtual silence from Democratic leaders or members.

Obama administration seeks to suspend ruling against ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.’

Inside a secret DOD prison in Afghanistan

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Birds of a feather, Pinochet and Ashcroft

A Chilean court has issued 129 arrest warrants for those involved in murder and torture for the Pinochet dictatorship and a US court just ruled that Former Atty General John Ashcroft can be sued for his role in illegal detentions.

From Marc Cooper (who was a translator for the Allende government and barely escaped with his life)

On my planned Labor Day BBQ I’ll pop open an extra Corona or two, toasting to the tough luck shared by both the former Chilean state police and the former U.S. Attorney General. Birds of a feather.

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Iranian protester commits suicide rather than go back to jail

He’d been in jail for protesting where he was repeatedly raped and tortured. His father bailed him out. But they came back for him. He ran away, then jumped off a bridge.

I just can’t get this out of my mind. While outsiders can’t do much inside Iran, we can keep an international focus on the hellish atrocities happening there now, and that can genuinely make a difference.

The government of Iran now has a deliberate policy of raping and torturing protesters with the specific goal of destroying their personalities and will. This has been confirmed by multiple reliable news sources. Only one word applies here. Evil.

That’s why it needs to be opposed. Loudly and continually.

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Another reason not to visit United Arab Emirates

A wealthy Gulf prince has been torturing those who displease him. We’re talking serious, bone-breaking torture. And he he may have done it to at least 25 people.

Authorities say they’re investigating. Right. UAE is a medieval dictatorship surrounded by a shell of modernism and, oh yes, it’s a world haven for money laundering too. A charming place indeed.

The prince apparently made the tapes himself, which only demonstrates how deranged he is.

Particularly damaging was the apparent involvement of a policeman in the torture and the impunity with which Sheikh Issa could act, even after the tape emerged. He is a senior prince related to powerful members of the ruling family in Abu Dhabi.

I’m guessing all those billionaires, rock stars, and celebrities who bought expensive property there during the peak of their now-crashed bubble are having second thoughts about every traveling there again. Would you?

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White evangelical and Catholic churchgoers most likely to support torture

A Pew Foundation poll
has found that the greater the frequency of church attendance by white evangelicals and Catholics, the higher their support for torture.

It’s not the religious belief but the frequency of church attendance that is the primary factor. Seems counter intuitive, doesn’t it?

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Obama admission of “torture” may force inquiry

I have to admit that my legal ears perked up when Obama said during his press conference last night that in fact waterboarding is torture, and our government did waterboard. He was per se admitting, as the president of the United States, that our country committed torture. I started to wonder if legally he might have set something in motion that he didn’t intend. Congressman Nadler apparently wondered the same.

Given that Obama has scary good political skills perhaps he is deliberately trying to force an investigation while seemingly staying uninvolved and above the fray. It would be hugely divisive for him to be directly involved and he needs as much support as possible on the economy.

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