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World’s largest tidal energy project to be built in Scotland

Credit: meygen.com

Credit: meygen.com

When fully operational, the tidal energy project will generate 86 megawatts, enough for 42,000 homes.

MeyGen — a joint venture between investment bank Morgan Stanley, independent power generator GDF SUEZ and tidal technology provider Atlantis Resources Corporation — will install the tidal array in stages, with the first demonstration stage of six turbines starting construction in 2014 and providing 9 MW of renewable power by 2015.

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Commercial-scale tidal energy now a reality

Credit: marineturbines.com

SeaGen tidal turbines in Northern Ireland are now producing enough power for 1,500 homes in the world’s first commercial-scale tidal energy installation. They’ve shown it can be done. May everyone else join in. All that tidal power is just waiting to be converted into completely reliable renewable energy. Unlike wind or solar, the movements of tides are completely predictable, so  while the power generation may only occur at certain times, those times are known.

SeaGen, the first commercial-scale tidal stream energy system has achieved a new milestone of 5 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of tidal power generation since starting operation at Strangford Lough in Northern Ireland. That equals the annual power consumption of 1,500 British households. The Siemens-owned system is one of the largest tidal stream power projects today.

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Tidal turbines proposed for Scotland

Scotland has the tidal power. This project will generate 8 MW and cost £40 million. Maybe someday, and not too far off either, Scotland will generate most of its power from tides and wind.

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Floating tidal power plant

Peak Energy has more.

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250 MW tidal power planned for India

It will be expensive compared to other types of power. However, a utility has agreed to buy the power using preferential tariffs.

Tidal power is still in its infancy. As the technology develops, the costs will drop. Perhaps one day the planet will created huge amounts of power from the utterly predictable tides.

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Tidal power expanding in NYC East River

Verdant Power has gotten approval to install 30 underwater turbines in the East River and hook them up to the grid, generating 1 MW. Currently, they have six test turbines. Extensve testing has shown that fish are not harmed by the turbines.

Tidal power like this can be installed close to where the power will be used and is also completely predictable as to when the electicity will be generated.

Links. CS Monitor, EcoGeek.

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Unconventional hydro power

Renewable Energy World has a long, detailed article and podcast on unconventional hydro power, focusing on wave and tidal power.

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Underwater turbines inspired by whales

We designed a novel blade modification for potential turbine performance improvement, which was inspired by humpback whale flippers, with the addition of tubercles, or bumps, to the leading edge of each blade.”

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Offshore ‘sandbox’ proposed for ocean and wind power

The Oyster from Aquamarine Power generates power from waves.

Scientists and developers plan a testing site between Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket for offshore wind, tidal, and wave energy systems. The site would have berths for equipment, allow sharing of information, and be compliant with all regulations – something which will save projects large amounts of money because they don’t have to do it themselves.

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Tidal energy testing completed successfully

Neptune Renewable Energy Ltd announces that it has successfully completed a series of rigorous in-water tests on the multi-million pound full-scale demonstrator of its world-leading Proteus NP1000 tidal stream power generator. A key landmark in the testing process was the powering-up and generation of electricity as proof of the commercial potential of the device’s power curve.

A huge advantage of tidal power is that while the power isn’t steady, it is completely reliable and you know exactly when the power will be generated.

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